Its decor is comprised of symbols alluding to the life of martyr Saint Eulalia, to whom the church is dedicated.

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Barcelona Cathedral

Locals know it as 'Cathedral'.

Although Barcelona is known as the city of Modernism, Gothic architecture is very present here. A prime example of this is the Barcelona Cathedral, located in Seo Square, built on top of the ruins of a Romanesque cathedral and another early Christian basilica. The Cathedral is more commonly referred to as ‘Cathedral’, and was finished in the 15th century. It was dedicated to Saint Cruz in 599, then in 877 to Saint Eulalia, more commonly known as the Lady of Mercy. The majority of the symbols decorating the Cathedral refer to the legends of Saint Eulalia’s macabre fate. Legend has it that this martyr was stripped of her clothes and publically exposed when, at this exact moment, it miraculously started to snow, covering her naked body. Because of this, she was punished with thirteen separate punishments, one for every year of her life. To symbolise this today, there are thirteen geese guarding the interior courtyard and the martyr’s sepulchre. Inside, the Gothic and Renaissance cloister and stained glass windows are stunning, but the majestic organ, built in 1537, steals the show.

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