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Botifarra Sausage

The star of Catalonia.

You are bound to have heard of the Catalonian botifarra. This is the star product of this region’s cuisine. It is a type of sausage, made with minced pork meat, pepper and various spices. You will mainly find two types of botifarra: white and black. White botifarra is only made with lean meat, whereas the black botifarra is a mixture of lean meat, fat and pig’s blood. Although these ingredients may not sound too appetising, together they make for a delicious dish, and everyone who tries it falls in love with its flavours. There are various ways of preparing and serving it, with typical dishes including Catalonian eggs, Ampurdanese rice, Catalonian broad beans, and the list goes on. Without doubt, the most famous dish is kidney beans with botifarra. This is a succulent and rich mixture of beans and fried botifarra, sautéed in oil, garlic, parsley and finely chopped bacon. This is a heavier dish, typically served in winter, so we recommend a siesta after you’ve eaten!

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