Don't leave Barcelona without having tried genuine Catalonion onions, a unique delicacy only found in this region.

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Calçot Spring Onions

Exceptional onions.

‘Calçots’ are a variety of onion, typical to Catalonia. They come from the Alt Camp and western parts of the region, but you can find ‘calçotadas’ (the name for this dish) all over the region. The world ‘calçot’ means to bury. They are called this, because their seeds bury themselves under a cape of soil, in order to grow their white stalks. When these stalks reach 25 to 25 centimetres, they are pulled up and cooked on slabs or hot coal. They are left to cook until their outer layer turns black, then they are left to cook in their own heat. This is how the popular ‘calçotadas’ dish is made. They are normally served with meat and botifarra dishes of the area. It is said that their origin lies in a peasant who accidentally lefts his onions out to cook, and then realised that, with their outer burn layer removed, they were truly delicious. These are traditionally served at the end of winter and the start of spring, when the ‘calçots’ emerge. However, you can find ‘calçotadas’ any time of the year.

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