Although there are thousands of variations, if you are there in June, get the 'Coca de San Juan'. Yum!

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Catalonian Pastry

The pizza's twin sister.

You’ll see it plastered over almost all restaurant and bar menus. The Catalonian pastry, or ‘coca’, is the most popular food of the region. They say it’s the pizza’s twin sister, as it has the same origin. Although the term ‘coca’ refers to a large variety of parties, cakes and breads, they are all based on toasted bread with other ingredients on top. The pastries can be sweet or savoury, and there are infinite combinations, but some are a must-try. The San Juan pastry is savoury, with a samfaina, tuna and onion base. As its name indicates, it is a typical dish served on the 23rd of June festival to celebrate the shortest night of the year. It is important to remember that this dish is typically served at festivals, giving rise to separate recipes for each festivity. The savoury ingredient options available will entirely depend on the dates of your visit. Sweet pastries, however, are eaten year-round as desserts, and are similar to pancakes.

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