A wonderful experience, combining the recreation of natural spaces and processes with interesting scientific explanations. Impressive!

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A natural and scientific experience.

They say a visit to the Cosmo Caixa is a different and unforgettable experience, so you’ll have to see for yourself. This space has been transformed into one of the most attractive and visited places in Barcelona. The Cosmo Caixa centre has been a world pioneer in recreating several natural spaces, which are guaranteed not to disappoint. Firstly, the Geological Wall combines seven different areas of geological displays for your observation. They also recreate natural processes in real time, ending in the state they are in today. Secondly, the Flooded Forest is an exact replica of a part of the flooded forest in the Amazon. They have perfectly reproduced all its species of animals, as well as its vegetation. The Hall of Matter spans over 3,500 square metres, and is dedicated to the scientific explanation of matter. From the Big Bang to the present day, theories of time and space are explained in a fun way for every type of visitor. The Planetarium shows the evolution of the universe, the positioning of the constellations and much, much more. Cosmo Caixa offers an entertaining scientific explanation of the world we live in.

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