It's well worth taking the time to visit this museum located right on the Catalonian coast, and feel as though you're in his final work.

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Dali Museum (Figueres)

The true genius of Salvador Dali.

Figueres is a small village close to the port town of Roses, in the outskirts of Barcelona. This is part of the route you should take if you have the time and want to get to know the Catalonian Costa Brava. 100 kilometres from the capital, the village is located in an old Roman enclave, a true Mediterranean paradise. Open since 1974, the Dali Theatre Museum (designed by Dali himself) is in the centre of Figueres, in an old Roman theatre. This is not a visit to a museum about the artist, but a visit to his last, enormous, and most surreal project. Here you will find some of his key works, such as Port Alguer, Girl from Figueres and the famous indulgent self-portrait, with fried bacon. Also of interest are the different art collections that he decided to include, with works by El Greco, Maria Fortuny and Modest Urgell. Dali, enthused by the idea of opening a museum in his hometown, across from the church where he was baptised, dedicated his last decade to this large project.

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