Filled with the sounds of its popular festivals and numerous concerts, its gardens are also worth a visit.

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Fórum Park

Summercase and Primavera Sound.

The Forum Park or Forum Zone is found behind the Barceloneta neighbourhood, away from the centre. It comprises enormous installations, built in an old district, for the celebration of the Universal Culture Forum in 2004. During its construction, it was the subject of many controversies, due to the large investment made by the city and the area it occupies. However, it is now an incredible park at the edge of the beach, with numerous footpaths and gardens, where you can take a stroll and play sports. It also hosts several concerts throughout the year, particularly in the summer. The Forum building is a surprising, original construction, suspended mid-air! With 17 supporting points, the building looks like it is floating. Inside, you will find an enormous concert hall and an exhibition hall, which is open to the public. It is connected by underground walkway to the Barcelona International Convention Centre. The Forum Park hosts the popular annual Summercase and Primavera Sound festivals.

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