Gaudi House Museum (Parc Güell)

This intriguing visit will lead you to one of Gaudi's last residences, giving you a little insight into Gaudi's world.

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Gaudi House Museum (Parc Güell)

The presence of Gaudi in Güell Park.

The Gaudi House Museum is located at the heart of Güell Park. Gaudi himself collaborated in the project’s planning and signed it, which took away the title of architect from Francesc Berenguer, who was in charge of building it. The aim of the project was to create a museum house, which brought attention to the park. The park was initially the idea of Eusebi Güell i Bacigalupi, a Catalonian industrialist, who wanted to create a residential area for the city’s aristocracy. However, only two houses were built in this large, ambitious project, one of which was Gaudi’s. Despite the artist’s fame, nobody made an offer on the house, and Gaudi ended up moving in here with his father and niece. He established his residence here from 1906, until the last months of his life, when he moved to the workshop of the Sagrada Familia. The house has four floors, all with the original décor, and a large part of the furniture was designed and created by the architect. This is an interesting visit, which gives the visitor insight into Gaudi’s world.

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