History, finance and shopping, all in the city's popular gold square: Gracia Avenue and La Rambla.

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Gracia Avenue

The 'Golden Square'.

The area from Gracia Avenue to La Rambla is commonly referred to as ‘The Golden Square’. This is the city’s historic zone, which is also the financial hub and major shopping area of Barcelona. You will find all types of shops lining this street, from well-known names of the fashion world (such as Zara, Mango and H&M) to a vast quantity of brands considered ‘made in Barcelona’, found in places like the Bulevar Rosa, a shopping centre at the start of your shopping itinerary. This is located on the corner of Gracia Avenue and La Rambla, and is a prime example of Barcelona fashion, combining internationally known shops and those owned by Catalonian and Spanish designers, such as Antoni Miro, Antonio Pernas and Roberto Verino. This area boasts shops, cafes, restaurants and large park to relax in. The Old Town begins at the end of the road, where you can continue your exploration of the city.

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