Visit in the evening to experience the spectacular sunset view. Check opening hours and scheduled cultural activities before visiting.

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La Pedrera - Mila House

A Modernist emblem.

When Pere Mila Y Camps, one of the most influential businessmen of 19th century Barcelona, commissioned Gaudi to build this building, he intended to reside in the top part of the building and rent out the lower floors to new businessmen in the city. In fact, located at the end of Gracia Avenue, it was meant to promote the new zone of Ensanche. However, the building faced several problems before its inauguration, as the architect exceeded all the planned dimensions of the project. Inaugurated in 1912, the building more commonly known as ‘La Pedrera’ (‘The Quarry’), has become one of the most important Modernist emblems of Barcelona. The building looks like a quarry, due to its three curved façades, decorated with coloured stoned that reflect the natural light. It is connected by three streets and has always been used as a civil building. Although its outside is very striking, it is at night that it really becomes spectacular. Therefore, we recommend planning your interior visit according to its night schedule. The building hosts numerous cultural activities, so it’s worth checking the opening hours before you visit.

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