A colourful avenue, filled with news stands, trees, pedestrians, stone benches, taxis, shops, bars, restaurants… and the list goes on.

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Las Ramblas

A colourful, cobbled walkway.

From Catalunya Plaza to the city’s old port, runs an avenue filled with trees, news stands, street theatre and coloured cobblestones. This is La Rambla. This road sees people coming from work, young people in shops, paper deliverymen, black and yellow taxis, all types of improvised shows and dressed up spectators from the Liceo Theatre. Perpendicular roads lead to places like Pal Tree Square, the Gothic Quarter and, at the top, Gracia Avenue. The crowd never dies down, regardless of what time of day it is. This is one of the most visited shopping areas in Barcelona, where you will find almost anything you could ever need. When the sun sets, it is transformed into a lively avenue filled with bars, restaurants and pubs, filtering its animated atmosphere into the side street that run off it after hours. At the end of the street, the Columbus statue welcomes you to the Mare Magnum shopping centre, and shows you the way up the long road that surrounds Barcelona port.

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