The curtain opens on a building that has been the object of many contradicting legends, where some of the best plays in Spain are put on. Bravo!

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Liceu Grand Theatre

The best opera.

The Liceu Grand Theatre is a beautiful building located halfway up La Rambla and is the setting for a large number of some of Spain’s most important musical, theatrical and dance shows. The building was inaugurated in 1847. Since then, it has been considered one of the best halls in the world. Commonly known as the ‘Liceo’, it symbolises two contrasting legends. On one side, it has been considered the meeting place for aristocracy and Barcelona bourgeoisie to come and enjoy opera, synonymous with high class and sophistication. On the other side, people say it was built for all members of society to enjoy whatever shows passed through Barcelona. For this reason, there is a large central zone, where anyone can come and enjoy a show at a low price. In 1994, the artistic centre suffered a tragic fire, ironically while they were working on the building’s safety precautions. Despite the whole interior being burnt down, it was reconstructed to exactly how it was originally and opened its doors once again in 1999.

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