This museum's importance not only lies in its contents, but its location: the 13th century Royal Dockyard.S

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Maritime Museum

The historic entry to Spain.

The Barcelona Maritime Museum is located on Drassanes Avenue, where it meets the end of La Rambla at the sea, at the start of Columbus Avenue. It recounts the history of a port, which was the main port of entry to Spain from the Mediterranean for centuries. The museum is situated at the old Royal Dockyard, a Catalonian Gothic building from the 13th century, where they used to build boats and naval constructions. During the reign of Pedro III of Aragon, this was thought to be the city’s main motor. This naval traffic and construction, along with the port, were the first of the Crown of Catalonia Empire, which was the first in the Mediterranean. Its conquests reached Greece and its surrounding islands. This marked the start of the Barcelona we know today. All of this history is written on the walls of the museum, although many are not familiar with it.

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