Mireya dresses women in an innovative, unconventional fashion. Bad Habits is known worldwide.

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Mireya Ruiz and Bad Habits

Unique fashion.

Even if you aren’t an avid follower of fashion, you must know that Mireya Ruiz has been one of the most renowned players in the design world for the past few years. She is one of the main ambassadors of fashion in both Barcelona and the world. Since 2000, when she became internationally recognised, she has been a regular on the most important catwalks, and is known worldwide for her original and innovative designs, which focus on the female population. She opened her first shop called Bad Habits on Sol Plaza in Barcelona in 1993.Then, in 1996, she inaugurated her second boutique of the same name. Since then, these Bad Habits establishments are a must-visit for thousands of fashion fanatics, as well as those who are simply searching for different fashions, along with the changing of seasons. Even though you can find her brand in other establishments, her own shops offer exclusive products. The Bad Habits shops are famous for dressing women differently, so if you’re looking for something less conventional and more original, this is the shop for you.

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