Enjoy one of the best stages in the world, perfect for Classical music symphonies and orchestras.

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Music Palace

"The building of the people".

Located at the heart of the city, the Music Palace of Barcelona is an impressive Modernist building, which you can find on Sant Pere Més Alt Street, just steps from Laietana Street. Inaugurated in 1908, this building is famous for housing one of the best stages in the world for Classical concerts, and the construction itself is internationally renowned. Its architect, Lluis Doménech i Montaner, was looking for a single space to house the Catalonian Choral Society, which could host symphonic and orchestral concerts. He built a central stage with lighting from above (representing the sun), which used natural light. The auditorium’s exterior is equally stunning, and you need to take a few steps back to take it all in. The main façade features ‘The Catalan Song’, a sculpture by Miguel Blay. In the form of the front of a ship, this represents the unification of the upper class, the seafarers, the peasants and the children, reflecting the idea that the Music Palace is for every citizen.

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