A perfect combination of nature and architecture, Spain's most famous lizard lives in this special park.

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Park Güell

Absolute green magic.

The location of this park, along with its vegetation, landscapes, views, colours and architecture, make for one of the most magical places you could visit. This is an enormous amount of land in the north of Barcelona, which aristocrat and industrialist Eusebi Güell ordered to have made in 1922, to make a city of gardens in which the bourgeoisie and upper classes could establish themselves. He modelled it on cities that he had seen on his visit to England. So he called upon Gaudi. The businessman wanted to get back in touch with nature. However, the project was never completed, and it was put on hold until the city council decided to make it into a public park. And it is the largest and most spectacular public park the city has to offer. Enter at Olot Street, where you will find two rounded pavilions, where the famous coloured lizard scales the steps. This is one of the most famous parts of the park. You should also visit the Hipostila hall (to count the 86 Doric columns that support it), the Turo de les Creus and the lookout point at the top, offering stunning views of the entire city. Impressive.

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