This museum shows the love this artist had for this city. Experience it for yourself.

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Picasso Museum

4,249 works!

Pablo Ruiz Picasso had a close relationship with the city of Barcelona. Due to this, 50 years ago on the 9th of March 1963, the Picasso Museum was inaugurated. The painter moved from Malaga to Barcelona when he was young, following in the footsteps of his father, a drawing teacher. He spent a large part of his formative years here and created a friendship circle revolving around art, which he kept until the day he died. Amongst his friends was Jaume Sabartes who, along with his wife, Jacqueline Picasso, managed to open this museum halfway through Franco’s dictatorship (Picasso was a renowned Communist). The museums houses a collection of 4,249 works spread out over 13th and 14th century palaces, that were renovated in the 18th century. Located on Montcada Street, these are prime examples of Catalonian Gothic architecture. The permanent collection includes important works, from ‘Man in a Beret’ to his famous ‘Las Meninas’ series. Although the museum specialises in his youth and adolescence, it has incorporated some of the painter’s later works, and is constantly organising temporary exhibitions of his other works.

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