This spectacular open-air museum includes shops and workshops. How impressive!

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Poble Espanyol

A journey back in time.

A visit to the Poble Espanyol Museum will take you on a journey back in time. Built between 1926 and 1929, this was one of the main attractions at the International Expo that the city hosted in 1929. The initial project was to build and open-air museum, which demonstrated the most emblematic and significant architectural constructions in Spain. They not only achieved this goal, but transformed this area into one of the world’s most spectacular museums. The project was due to end after six months (when the Expo ended), but, due to its great success, is still one of the city’s main attractions to this day. Located on Montjuic, it takes up a large part of the mountain and comprises 117 buildings, streets and squares from all over the country. It also houses shops and workshops, manned by artisanal tradesmen, specialising in sculpting and crafting precious metals. Learn how craftsmen of the area work, and discover how things are made, from ceramics to carpentry. Inside, you will find the Fran Daurel Fondation, a large contemporary art exhibition. Its roads are filled with magic, where you can often see street theatre, concerts and markets.

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