The most important work in the sports complex, created for Bacelona '92. Its cultural and sports programme is extremely interesting.

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Saint Jordi Palace

The F.C. Barcelona basketball court.

The Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 brought about important development to the city on several levels, one of which is the construction of installations throughout the city. For example, Mount Montjuic is home to what is known as the ‘Olympic Ring’. Numerous parks, gardens, pathways and green spaces for visiting tourists were set up around the entire mountain, as was an enormous sports complex for the celebration of the actual games. The Saint Jordi Palace is the most significant work in this ring. Aftet the Olympic Games, the Palace became the main place to celebrate large cultural and sports shows. The complex includes the regular basketball court for the F.C. Barcelona Basketball team, and regularly welcomes tennis, swimming, handball and athletics championships, such as the David Cup, two finals of the Final Four from the Eurobasket league, and various handball championship finals. With regard to culture, the Palace is often chosen to host some of the largest, most important concerts in the city. Check out their programme.

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