One hundred per cent gothic. Majestically finished off with its dazzling interior lighting and accoustics.

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Santa Maria del Mar

A tribute to the victory over Sardinia.

Santa Maria del Mar is, strangely enough, the only completely finished Gothic church in all of Barcelona. It is thought to be built on top of an old Roman theatre, but there are no traces of this. Construction was finished in the 15th century, and it is a tribute to the city’s victory over Sardinia. This is where the working class of the Ribera area would congregate, whereas the higher classes would meet at the Cathedral. Because of this, it symbolises the Medieval naval supremacy of the House of Barcelona, which saw over 100 years of conflict from Majorca to Greece. Despite the roughness of the exterior walls, the luminosity and magnitude of its interior are stunning. In fact, the church’s acoustics are so good, that it is often used for concerts, including jazz performances.

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