Visit La Pedrera at night and discover shapes and reflections, before dining in its own restaurant. How's that for a plan?

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Secret Pedrera (Night tour)

La Pedrera's intimate hour.

This is a unique and sensory visit. The nocturnal visit to La Pedrera, or ‘The Secret Pedrera’, is a different and new way of visiting Mila House, one of the city’s symbols of Modernism and Gaudi. This visit will allow you to explore the nocturnal atmosphere and community that lives in the building, as well as the galleries, decorations and exhibitions, in the most intimate of settings. Legend has it that La Pedrera has an infinite amount of shapes, and never reflects the same shape twice. Perhaps the local community exaggerates this, but observing its façade and lookout points by night will provide you with unique views of this building. There is also the option of dining there after your guided tour, in the building’s café. This is a Modernist restaurant with a vast array of gastronomic delights. After dinner, wander through the Gracia district to discover other unique buildings, and feel like you are in early 20th century Barcelona.

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