Famous for its Film Festival, Sitges offers several other charming attractions, such as its endless beaches and Mediterranean vegetation.

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An enclave fit for the big screen.

Sitges has managed to stop time. It is a little coastal village, half an hour (around 35 kilometres) from Barcelona. This old fishing village boast a plethora of endless beaches. Like the vast majority of cities in this area, its origins lie in the Roman Empire and peninsula. Used as a gateway to Spain, the Romans built several different settlements, which gave rise to the cities we know today. Despite being famous for hosting the annual International Film Festival, Sitges retains its character of a small village, where everybody knows and greets each other on a daily basis. At the top of the Bartomeu Church (known as ‘La Punta’), you will find cannons facing the sea, which tell the history of the village’s defence against pirate attacks and sieges in the 18th century. Behind here, is the Can Falç Garden, with its white façades, surrounding vegetation and mixture of colours, making it one of the most Mediterranean places you can find. These streets have been the setting for numerous films, including ‘Who Can Kill a Child?’ directed by Ibáñez Serrador.

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