Roman and Medieval vestiges adorn the city. The arena, amphitheatre and King's Castle are all prime examples.

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Roman heritage.

The city of Tarragona holds a large amount of Spanish history in its stone streets. The old ‘Tarraco’ was founded in the Roman Empire, around the year 217 B.C.. It is therefore one of the most important Roman Enclaves of the Empire, and was one of the posts of entry to the peninsula. In fact, Tarragona was the capital of Hispania during this era, which has allowed it to retain a large amount of its urban legacy of that time. Buildings, such as the arena, the amphitheatre, the city walls and the aqueduct, built during the Scipio reign, are still there to visit. You can also go up the Scipio Tower, where you can observe the view and imagine what the city once looked like. Wandering around the city, you will also see vestiges left behind from the Middle Ages, such as the Cathedral and the King’s Castle, which still plays a key role in the city’s business. Its streets show the passing of time through the city, ending at the 20th century Modernist Metropol Theatre and Ripoll House. Tarragona’s large port is also the starting point of endless kilometres of beautiful white sand beaches.

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