The 'Swallows' ('Golondrinas')

They sound like birds, but they're not. These are the tourist boats that offer a completely different view of the city.

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The 'Swallows' ('Golondrinas')

Views from the sea.

Did you think swallows were birds? Well, in Barcelona, they’re boats! These tourist boats offer a view of the city from the sea. Its port, one of the prettiest after its renovation a few years ago, has been the main Mediterranean port for centuries. So why not get to know the city from the water? There are several options, but the most fun way to do this is to take a Golondrina (Swallow). You can get one from the pier, next to the Columbus statue. These boats take you along the entire coast of Barcelona and provide information on the history of the city. This is bound to be a unique experience! If you would prefer a more intimate journey, we recommend the Orsom Catamaran. This is an enormous, beautiful boat, which leaves from the same pier, and takes you on a more personal tour of Barcelona’s five kilometres of coastline. And we’ll give you a tip: if you take the last boat of the day, you’ll be able to see the sunset from a boat, while a jazz band entertains you. This is a unique experience that not many people know about!

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