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Tumaca Bread

Pa amb Tomaquet' (bread with tomato)

Call it ‘Pan Tumaca’, ‘Pa amb Tomaquet’, or simply bread with tomato. If you think this is just going to be bread with a slice of tomato, you are wrong. Try this in Barcelona or any surrounding area and you are bound to change your mind. The recipe is very simple: a small slice of bread (normally from the night before), tomato, oil, salt, and you can also add a slice of Serrano ham. The waiters in the area will serve you the very best. It has become a delicacy, which refreshes the palate on a summer’s day. Even though there are many theories on where this recipe came from, it is thought to originate from humble peasants, who only cooked bread once a week. The bread would harden, so the peasants would soften it with tomato and oil. Because of this, it is also know as the ‘food of the poor’. Others say that a painter invented it, as he was trying to recreate a sunset on something edible. Whatever the truth may be, Pa amb Tomaquet will never disappoint.

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