If you love vegetables, this is the place for you, as this region boasts top quality produce.

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Sautéed or grilled?

Vegetables make up the fundamental base of the Mediterranean diet, including the Catalonian one. Due to its mild climate and moderate temperatures, the region of Catalonia (and its neighbouring regions) is ideal for growing unbeatable vegetables. This information should be useful when it comes to ordering a meal, and when you feel like making a meal yourself! ‘Escalivada’ is a dish, typically made with onion, red pepper, aubergine and tomate, cooked in the oven. They are served cold, accompanied with olive oil (just like most things in Barcelona). They are usually presented in strips. Some places like to add fish, usually cod. You can also try ‘samfaina’, similar to ratatouille, made with sautéed local vegetables and served with olive oil. We also recommend the Catalonian salad, made with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives. This sounds like any other salad, but they then add different sausages, such as ‘fuet’ or botifarra, depending on the area. In general, restaurants will offer a choice of ingredients.

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