Due to progress made on this busy street, luxury shops are dotted in between local, more traditional shops.

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Portal de l’Ángel

Luxury and local shops.

The Portal L’Angel Street links Catalonia Plaza with the Gothic Quarter, as a continuation of Gracia Avenue. However, the atmosphere changes gradually along the way. Despite being part of the ‘Golden Square’, with many luxury and popular brand-name shops, the street transforms into more of a ‘neighbourhood’ street further down. Here, the abovementioned shops are mixed with small, family-run businesses, artisanal shops and local restaurants. Also, if you move away from the main street and wander into the winding alleys that cross the street, you will find many pedestrian zones. This whole shopping area is in one of the most emblematic, Modernist districts of Barcelona, which gives it a special appeal. Once you reach the Gothic Quarter, shops are scattered throughout the area’s streets. Past Sant Jaume Square, the Cathedral and Ferran Street, you will find all types of souvenirs.

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