Gran Canaria has an extensive supply of natural aloe treatments.

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Aloe Vera

The secret to health on the island.

This is undoubtedly one of Gran Canaria's biggest values, an age-old secret of health that has come back with a bang several decades ago. Aloe Vera has been used so far back in time that even Cleopatra herself used to use its attributes for enhancing her beauty. The peculiar sharp-pointed Aloe Vera plant conceals very valuable properties for skin care, and even up to the point of being recognized by the medical communities, in addition to its incorporation into the production soaps, creams, cosmetics and medicines. The plant is a natural treasure of the island, which grows at the dawn of an enviable climate and that you can enjoy in different ways: for example, in some of their relaxation centres and spas, where they offer natural treatments with aloe as the main product. It's also one of the main attractions when it comes to taking back a souvenir from Gran Canaria with a huge variety of presentations.

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