The town of Arucas is home to Europe's oldest Rum distillery since 1884.

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Arehucas Rum

The birthplace of honey rum.

It will never be known for sure if the cultivation of sugar cane was developed in the village of Arucas before it was planted in Cuba, but it is a fact that this inland town was one of the economical resources in Gran Canaria before the 19th century due to its cultivation. As a result, the place started to develop an important industry for distilling rum which still runs today, and at a very good pace. A peculiar contribution from Arucas was its honey rum, a traditional drink from the islands that is different from others as bees honey is added at the end of the distilling process, which reduces its proof and gives it an even sweeter taste. The Arehucas Distillery is the oldest and largest rum distillery in Europe that has been running since 1884, and it's possible to do a guided tour round the premises with free tasting included.

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