Here you'll find caves inhabited as houses and restaurants. Do you dare?

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Barranco de Guayadeque

Great archaeological interest.

It's as if you were transported back in time to completely isolate yourself from the world outside. The Barranco de Guayadeque is responsible for geologically separating the towns of Agüimes and Ingenio, a natural border that keeps a thousand and one secrets, and offers visitors some incredible panoramic views over its fifteen-kilometre stretch. This valley isn't only characterized by accommodating beautiful indigenous vegetation with multiple endemic species, it's also characterized for being an important archaeological point, as a large part of pre-Hispanic objects come from here, which can be appreciated in the Museo Canario, located in the capital of the island. Besides this, an interesting point is that a multitude of caves are still preserved, which have been bored are formed in the rocks, and have been inhabited as people's homes, rural houses, or even restaurants that preserve the indigenous essence, and turn your visit into what will surely be a new experience for you. Well worth visiting.

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