A beautiful building raised as an emblem of the union between nations on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Columbus House

A symbol between two continents.

Did you know that when Christopher Columbus set off towards America, he was forced to make a stop in Gran Canaria to repair one of his three caravels? This is only one of the curious things which explain the important role that Gran Canaria has always played in the route between Europe and America, and it's a relationship that the island has always wanted to maintain forever. Perhaps the best example of this is the Casa de Colón, a beautiful building located in the Vegueta district which was the old governors' residency on the island, and was visited by Columbus himself. The building's interior houses exhibitions of an empirical nature in which a large number of materials are exhibited that detail the island's history of the routes through the Atlantic Ocean, and there is also a display of an extensive collection of works that go through how the island evolved between the 16th and 19th centuries, tracing an accented line between the American continent and Gran Canaria.

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