Gran Canaria as a World Biosphere Reserve

Opposing landscapes and a unique climate give Gran Canaria a hallmark to be proud of.

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Gran Canaria as a World Biosphere Reserve

100% natural paradise.

It has always been said that the island of Gran Canaria, as well as its sister islands, are like miniature continents, taking this reputation from the ecosystems which comprise their nature, as they are so rich, opposing, and unique. You can enjoy a unique environment: a pleasant and cherished coast of weather-beaten idiosyncracy with details that are halfway between Mediterranean and African, distinctive trade winds that roar over the sands of its beaches, and a rural and desert-like inland orography, which is capable of creating enormous rocks with indescribable shapes. You can't leave out the formation of volcanic origin known as Caldera de Tejeda, nor Pico de las Nieves, which is raised like the roof of the island, thanks to its 1,949 metres in height. This wild nature has made UNESCO award the island with the title of World Biosphere Reserve; a distinction that self-defines the magnificence of its indigenous nature.

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