One of the best renovated theatres in Spain with over a hundred years old.

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Pérez Galdós Theatre

Epicentre of Canarian Culture

The exponential growth that the Island of Gran Canaria underwent during the 19th century meant that the centres which existed back then like Teatro Cairasco couldn't completely cover the eager public with cultural shows. This situation triggered the construction of a new theatre originally called "Tirso de Molina", but this was changed to its present name due to the big hit it had in 1901 due to the premiere of the play named Electra by Benito Pérez Galdós. The building attracts attention and not just from its exterior thanks to its exquisite mix of neoclassic architecture and lancet arches, it's also due to its meticulous art-nouveau style interior decoration. It's beautiful to highlight the beauty of the perfectly executed Salón Saint Saëns. Nowadays, it's the main building of the city's Opera Festival and it has an interesting programme based on concerts of ancient music, theatre plays, and other meetings with more modern content.

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