Roque Bentayga

It was the enclave where ancient tribes came to pay homage to their gods.

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Roque Bentayga

The island's mythological axis.

A mysterious, enigmatic place which was deified by ancestral tribes. A distinct enclave from the others. With these few words, we could define Roque Bentayga that hides a large part of the insular mythology, so it's no wonder that this area was the island's origin; a point where you'll have the chance to know and observe cult ancestral places in first person, and a place where ancient civilizations used to come and pray to the gods, in order to help and protect them. Thanks to the Centro de Interpretación, which was recently renovated and located at the base of these steep and well-known cliffs, it's possible to make out different manifestations of cave paintings and comprehend why these three gigantic rocks came to be the spiritual epicentre of Gran Canaria. You'll also find one of the island's most spectacular viewpoints.

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