San Martín – Centre for Contemporary Culture

Any initiative, curiosity, or artistic project will be well received here.

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San Martín – Centre for Contemporary Culture

The mecca of the avant-garde movement.

This building, which was built in 1786 has been home to a variety of uses throughout its history, ranging from a hospital to a prison, military barracks, and then resulting in this spectacular Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (Contemporary Culture Centre). This museum was opened in 2011 to make space for all the cultural disciplines and curiosities that have emerged on the island during the last decades, putting a special emphasis on the artists from the archipelago. It stands out due to its interesting temporal exhibitions which are distributed over two floors, but also for driving the cultural concern and initiative of the residents, by managing an extensive programme of conferences, art workshops, seminars and guided tours throughout the year. The museum is home to representations of theatre plays, modern music concerts and cultural conferences that turn San Martín into the best option for becoming acquainted with contemporary Canarian art.

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