A very beautiful ecosystem with spectacular pre-historic engravings.

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The Bandama Caldera

Of ancient volcanic origin.

La Caldera de Bandama, located in the north-east of the island near the town of Telde is one of the most stunning points on the island. There are three reasons for this: on one side, its due to the spectacular mountain of volcanic origin which is raised to more than five hundred metres above sea level, and has turned into one of the most characteristic geological occurrences on the island. Considering its altitude, it's no wonder that it's visible from different points of Gran Canaria. On the other side, it's because you can find a large part of the most important pre-historic engravings of the Canarian archipelago inside its cavities that bear witness to, and show us how the first civilizations were that populated the area. Lastly, it's due to the wild and desert-like character of the area that allowed to create a unique and special ecosystem which is of great interest for nature lovers. So, there's no lack of reasons for visiting this marvellous enclave, right?

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