A natural enclave of special beauty which is unique and changes every day of the year.

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The Sand Dunes of Maspalomas

A beautiful and natural oasis.

This place has the honour of becoming Gran Canaria's most visited natural attraction, and with good reason: these dunes are unique thanks to the winds that give them free reign around the southern part of the island, changing the way in which the sandy hills want to settle, so that the present landscape here is different each day of the year. This is where a good part of their charm lies. The sand dunes of Maspalomas start in the famous Playa del Inglés, and together with Palmeral and La Charca, forms a declared special nature reserve of great ecological value. Its plant life and many of the birds that migrate to the area from the African continent are protected, so this gives you an idea of their great natural symbolism. When is it best to explore the sand dunes? You decide whether you'll go during the daybreak or in the evening, as the beautiful sights that the horizon creates can't be described with words: you have to experience them.

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