Their tradionalbienmesabeis the most well-known desert in the whole island. Amazing!

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The Sweet Recipes of Tejeda

Those of you with a sweet tooth, get ready in 3, 2, 1...

The small town of Tejeda is located right in the centre of the island, making up a new contrast in relation to the famous coastal villages. In gastronomical terms, the town stands proud as the main place for some of Gran Canaria's most representative deserts, which are characteristic for conserving the tastes and aromas of the past. Tejeda is renowned for its traditional bienmesabe, which is a mixture of sugar, almond, cinammon and egg yolk that turns it into the perfect accompaniment for ice creams and cakes, or to simply taste it on its own with your finger. Unbeatable almonds grow in this area which is full of them, and these are used as a base for other appetizing creations such as "polvorones" (light, crumbly short bread) or "mazapán" (marzipan), which are still being prepared in the traditional, homemade way. Is there a better offer?

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