The hike to the summit of the volcano is short, and the terrain encourages descent via sliders.

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Cerro Negro Volcano

Extreme sports from the crater

A visit to Cerro Negro Volcano provides a glimpse of the raw landscape of a young volcano; its cone and surroundings abound with ash and recently solidified rock. It last erupted in 1999, an event that led to the discovery of two additional small craters. Though it is not an easy route, the 500-metre climb to the summit of Cerro Negro is encouraged via the natural path (although you'll need to use your hands to climb in some areas). The vista from the top showcases the surrounding chain of volcanoes. Closer to the crater, the heat from the inside can be felt, as well as the smell of sulphur. The descent, which is significantly easier, can be done by walking, running or using a slider; the latter practice attracts young people from all over the world.

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