A menu that combines the mestizo tradition with the best flavours Peruvian cuisine has to offer

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La Terraza Peruana

A window into Andean countries

If you find yourself tempted by the delicacies of Peru, the Terraza Peruana offers the most delicious fish ceviche dish, transforming this restaurant into the perfect marriage of mestizo cuisine and the traditions that were brought to South America by various migrant communities, such as Chinese and Japanese. Opened in 2006, it has continued to build its status in the Managuan food scene, as has Peruvian cuisine in general. Its diverse culinary offerings are complemented with liquors, particularly pisco, a grape brandy that is regarded as the Andean countries national drink, but has managed to traverse borders. In its lounge, the menu transports visitors kilometres south. What else is good, besides the famous ceviche? An intriguing range of dishes, made from beef, tamales and potatoes.

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