This establishment is found outside the tourist circuit, and serves a varied assortment of seafood

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Las Colinas Restaurant

For fish lovers

For those who prefer fish, Granada is an ideal place thanks to a few factors. Located on the shore of the great lake, this type of product are part of the city's strong tradition, typically served fried and with a sauté of onions and tomatoes, which are occasionally mixed with rice and plantains. Las Colinas' specialty is the guapote (jaguar cichlid), a fish native to the great lake, which is beloved by everyone who tries it. The restaurant is located outside the historic centre; its visitors can find an authentic local experience and taste some of Granada's citizens' most beloved dishes here. Those who visit look for guapote, a fish that, while not much to look at, is enjoyed for its succulent meat and, moreover, its crispy fried skin.

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