The factory and shop for one of Nicaragua's most exported products

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Mombacho Cigars

A smooth and artisanal experience for smokers

Cigars are one of Nicaragua's most famous products on the global stage, thanks to their quality and hand-made manufacturing process; they are also one of the country's five most exported products. A shop specialising in this line of work, Mombacho Cigars in Granada is an establishment that gives the country's production its prestige. Its factory currently has about one hundred employees, who aim to produce one million cigars per year. Mombacho Cigars is more than just a factory, though. The old Casa Favilli, construction in 1925, sells a wide variety of cigars, which visiting aficionados can buy and enjoy, while also learning about the history of tobacco. The comprehensive experience also allows you to enjoy a first-class cigar with an extensive menu of drinks.

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