This volcano is found in a nature reserve which houses a rich variety of plant and animal species

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Mombacho Volcano Natural Park

Nature in its purest form

The Mombacho Volcano Natural Park constitutes a wasteland of stimuli for the senses. As the former coffee plantations have been left behind, which can be reached on foot through the cloud forest, an important nature reserve that offers sweeping panoramas. The Mombacho volcano has four craters, each covered by this dense forest, which houses a rich variety of plant and animal species, most notably monkeys, snakes, deer, birds, insects and reptiles. The Mombacho salamander is indigenous to the one-of-a-kind humidity and volcanic activity of this environment. Near the volcano's peak is an illustrative interpretation centre, where you can see maps, photos and models about the nature reserve. You'll also find a cafeteria, which serves food and drinks.

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