More than 200 plant species from across the country live in harmony in this botanical garden.

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National Arboretum Juan Bautista Salas

Nicaragua – a botanical paradise

Nicaraguan scientist Juan Bautista Salas' passion for plants and the natural world reached its peak in 1991, when the botanical garden that bears his name was inaugurated. Managua's National Arboretum brings more than 200 species of trees, shrubs and flowers from the country's four ecological zones – Pacific, Central and Caribbean – together. The Arboretum aims to educate tourists about aspects of the country's diverse flora, and promoting its protection and conservation. Curious visitors to this natural gem in the capital may appreciate the fantastic variety of tropical vegetation: fruit-bearing trees, such as jocotes, tamarinds and mangos, as well as a diverse range of local species, including thorns, strawberry trees, sacuanjoches (the national flower), bamboo and mangroves, among many others.

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