Tour the country's artistic and anthropological heritage at the National Palace of Culture

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National Museum

From man's first footsteps…

The National Museum offers tourists a tour of Nicaragua's artistic, cultural and anthropological heritage, including a room dedicated to César Augusto César Sandino, a national hero and forerunner of the current State. Located on the first floor of the National Palace of Culture in Revolution Square, the museum is a public body that aims to acquire, rescue, preserve, study and share the country's cultural and natural heritage. Its developer was Diocleciano Chaves, a researcher who, at the end of the 19th century, aimed to gather the archaeological pieces he had discovered in a single place, including the first human footprints in Managua, which are currently exhibited in the museum's designated Prehistory room. The palace building is built in the Neoclassical style, designed by the Swiss engineer Pablo Dambach and constructed between 1936 and 1940.

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