Opened to the public in 1899, this was Managua's first park and marks kilometre zero

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Parque Central

A historic place to relax

The General Estrada Morales park, found in the famous Old Managua, is found next to Revolution Square and is a place for gatherings and recreation for the citizens of the capital. The park was the first built in the city; its design was drafted by Luis Lairac and was inaugurated by the president of the period, General José Santos Zelaya López, on the 8th of November, 1899. Due to the city's unusual layout and irregular growth, the thusly named Parque Central was, for many decades, the most popular recreational hangout for the capital's families, a place where they could enjoy kiosks, gazebos, kids' games and musical performances. Renovated three times since its inauguration, Parque Central marks kilometre zero and is the start of routes throughout the country.

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