The exhibition centre is the remains of Isla Zapatera, which belonged to the region's pre-Columbian inhabitants

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San Francisco Convent

Cultural and archaeological heritage

Located beside the old San Francisco church, this museum space offers a comprehensive selection of paintings and artefacts linked to the history of the region, and Nicaragua as a whole. These are divided into two collections, one permanent and the other rotating – in the permanent collection, tourists can discover the rich archaeological heritage of Isla Zapatera, a series of pre-Columbian statues dated from between 800 and 1200 AD, and, in addition, thirty photographs that offer a visual glimpse of the country's history, spanning from the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th. Those with an interest in anthropological culture can admire the pictorial representations of the Salentiname peninsula's most famous plastic artists, known as primitive paints, a typical form of expression in the country that has acquired international recognition.

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