This church once again hosted the Baroque collections that were housed in the museum centre

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San Juan Bautista de Subtiava Church

A museum for religious art

The pride of León, with its majestic cathedral, is not complete without a stroll through its most iconographic feature. San Juan Bautista de Subtiava Church currently houses the collections that were shown, until a few years ago, in the Museum of Sacred Art; among these, you'll find an intriguing collection of religious imagery of different styles and from diverse periods, carved by the finest artists of the time and maintained in a remarkably preserved state. Its relics also contain twenty pieces of wood sculptural art, silverware and baptismal books, in addition to Indian funerary curios dating from the 18th century. Tourists in search of European Baroque art pieces will find figures such as the Cristo de Veracruz or a beautiful altarpiece of the Virgin of Guadalupe here.

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