These southeast-coast grottoes are a sight to behold - and to party in

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Caves of D'En Xoroi Cove

Legendary holes

Xoroi, goes the tale, was a man who emerged from the sea in an unexplainable way, and that the caves in the cliff walls here were where he dwelled. And furthermore that a woman from one of the surrounding villages once disappeared under mysterious circumstances. And finally that these two started a family together in these refuges of stone, but when discovered, Xoroi and his son threw themselves back into the sea, to be lost again amid the waves. A romantic yarn, for sure, but in any case, the reality is magical enough, and the dramatic rock cavities of this southeastern cove have become popular destinations - many of them even converted into bars by day and discos after dark. In fact, some of the island's hottest parties are held here.

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