A tradition dating back to prehistory, kept alive by masterful craftsmen

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Sweetening the pot

The formulas and techniques of potterymaking and ceramics on Minorca have been passed down through the generations essentially from prehistoric times. And today there still exist master craftsmen in small workshops which keep this wonderful tradition alive. Two of the best known are Remigi Lora Buzón, whose shop is located on Carrer Camí des Pou Nou, and Joana Muñoz Bautista, on Carrer Camí de N'Guixó. Both are happy to give you a tour, but you'll need to make an appointment. The pieces you'll find here are not only unique but also masterpieces from the hands of the most prestigious masters of ceramics alive. During your visit, they'll share a few of their tricks of the trade, but many more remain - understandably - trade secrets.

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